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edition05. soundSTORY

SoundLAB V – soundSTORY at MediaLAB South Hill Park Bracknell/UK – 1 November 2008

sound-logo1SoundLAB – Edition V,
entitled “soundSTORY” explores the capabilities of sound as a tool for storytelling.
It was launched in the framework of NewMediaFest2007 as a corporate component in November 2007.

SoundLAB – Edition V
consists, similiar to previous editions, as well, of

a) a curated feature of soundart, this time originating from South Africa curated by Julian Jonker and another one from Spain curated by Ruben Garcia
b) the open selection of soundSTORY curated by Melody Parker-Carter

c) New in SoundLAB – Edition V
as a mandatory component, the participating artists were asked to answer 10 questions of an interview prepared by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, spotlighting their biographical and working background.

soundLAB 5 – SoundSTORY

4th World Orchestra, Mauro Arrighi, Tautvydas Bajarkevicius, Nat Bates, Andrea Callard, Bronwen Casson, Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Matthew Claire, Jessica Curry, Martin Desloovere, Paul Devens, Marcin Dopieralski, Dorsey Dunn, Jared Dunne, Chad Eby, Edward Ficklin, Satoshi Fukushima, David Goard (unclejim), Ido Govrin, Scott F. Hall, Le Tuan Hung, Zoe Irvine, Margaret Jameson, Sirpa Jokinen, Leonel Kaplan, Jane Fenton Keane, Elsa Lankford, Dario Lazzaretto, les riches douaniers, Matt MacKissack, Isabelle Mairiaux, Wittwulf O.Malik, John Maters, Jenni Meredith, David Mooney, Jeff Morris, Monica Ong, Jo Pearson, John Plenge, Ailis Ni Riain, Roland Roos, Benjamin Rossignol, Khaled Sabsabi, Mukherjee Sayandeb, Janek Schaefer, Yolanda Spinola, Aleksei Stevens, Eldad Tsabary, Yohann Walter, Simon Whetham, Robyn Yost // Brendon Bussy, Garth Erasmus, Neo Muyanga, James Webb & James Sey, James Webb, Righard Kapp, Brydon Bolton, Julian Jonker // Coeval (Madrid), Xabi Erkizia (Basque Country), Roc Jiménez (EVOL) (Barcelona), Feran Fages (Barcelona), Rubén García (Valencia)

NewMediaFest 2020 selection

Mauro Arrighi
Jessica Curry
Dorsey Dunn
Les Riches Douaniers
Wittwulf Y. Malik
Scot f. Hall
Zoe Irvine
Leonel Kaplan
John Maters
Jeff Morris
Eldad Tsabary
Yohann Walter
Simon Whetham

SIP - Soundlab Interview project - selected interviews 02
Scott F. Hall, Dario Lazzaretto, Mauro Arrighi, Nat Bates, Jessica Curry + 38 more

SIP – SoundLab Interview Project
selected interviews 02

Scott F. Hall (USA) –
Dario Lazzaretto (Italy) –
4th World Orchestra –
Mauro Arrighi –
Tautvydas Bajarkevicius –
Nat Bates –
Jessica Curry –
Martin Desloovere –
Paul Devens –
Dorsey Dunn –
Jared Dunne –
Chad Eby –
Edward Ficklin –
Ido Govrin –
Le Tuan Hung –
Zoe Irvine –
Margaret Jameson –
Sirpa Jokinen –
Leonel Kaplan –
Jane Fenton Keane –
Elsa Lankford –
Les Riches Douaniers –
Matt MacKissaki –
Isabelle Mairiaux –
Wittwulf Y Malik –
John Maters –
Jenny Meredith –
David Mooney –
Jeff Morris –
Jo Pearson –
John Plenge –
Bemjamin Rossignol –
Khaled Sabsabi –
Mukherjee Sadhandeb –
Janek Schaefer –
Jolanda Spinola –
Alexei Stevens –
Eldad Tsabary –
Yohann Walter –
Uncle Jim –
Simon Whetham –
Robyn Yost –

SoundLAB V – soundSTORY at MediaLAB South Hill Park Bracknell/UK – 1 November 2008