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Soundart from Germany
curated by Peter Wolf (Cologne)

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    KlangDrang 2005 – A Festival for Incredible Music

    In this case “Incredible Music” means the spheres of New Music, experimental and improvised music, Performance Art and New Media. This festival was brought into being 2002 as a hommage for the cologne citizen center Alte Feuerwache which enables the presentation of extraordinary music since more than 25 years. This year KlangDrang presented 4 ensembles from which you can hear each 3 cuttings of an each 45 minute performance.


  • F.I.M. (Free improvised music cologne)
  • Nobert Zajac (voc), Matthias Kaiser (violin), Frank Bersziek (sax, basscl), Michael Haverkamp (sax, perc), Karl Kruetzmann (fl, tr, piano), Joerg Koenig (git), Axel Hoeptner (piano), Frank Homburg (sax), Wolfgang Simmons (git). F.I.M. is an open collaboration between musicians, who let themselves in for the risk of a music without arrangements. If there are agreements, than just in view of the actual cast. The music is free improvised on stage. As a construct of the moment was never heard so, nor it will ever reproduced live exactly in that way. The stile flows between archaic sound, noise art, Free Jazz and New Music and so is based on the exitement of the moment.


  • soundso
  • Bettina Wenzel, Brigitte Kuepper, Norbert Zajac, Peter Wolf (all vocal) Vocal communication as an experiment – 4 singers test the possibilities of the vocal cords. Croaking, spitting and slurping a part of the repertoire of this vocal ensemble just as singing in extremly high registers and soundfull depth or the spontaneous inventions of cacophonic languages and onomatopoeic escapades. The personalities of the 4 improvisers meet, according to demand, harmonical, contrarily or meshed and meanwhile count on enthusiasm and the intuitive work with vocal sound.


  • Ensemble All-Tag
  • Frank Bersziek (sax, bcl), Konrad Doeppert (analogsynth, objects), Matthias Kaiser (violin), Joerg Koenig (git). This quartett came from a combination of musicians, which got random selected while the KlangDrang festival in 2004.. Free improvised pieces are the basic of the musical collaboration. Experiences with the european free improvised music, the electroaccoustical art, the noise experiments of the eighties and in their origin outer musical elements come together while playing free. Results are subtle coded sound sceneries, where the audience finds space for free association.


  • Doppelpluss
  • Brigitte Kuepper (voc/tb/div), Wolfgang Simons (git/sax/div), Konrad Doeppert (synth/perc/div), Peter Wolf (voc/perc/div) these four produce live partially improvised sound films as from another planet. Doppelpluss musically darts sideways between all stiles. They sit down winkingly between all chairs and create alternating hot and cold acoustical baths of emotion. Dynamical meditative sound trips grow to impressive psycho drama, change to funny folk, change to philosophical tender loving care, change to absurd theater. Exciting music performance therefore and who knows where the journey goes to.