sound-logo1SoundLAB I

launched on occasion of the participation in
Biennale of Electronic Art Perth/Australia

was curated by Melody Parker-Carter
including following artists

Wittwulf Y Malik
Remigio Coco
Judson Wright
Ludovic Guerry
rüdiger schlömer
Pawel Janicki
Abinadi Meza
Caroline de Lannoy
Toni Mestrovic
Kenji Siratori
Mark Kammerbauer
Adam Overton
Robert Ciesla
Kirsten Reese
Le Tuan Hung
Ros Bandt
Wolfgang Menzel
nick barker & r. jacobs
David McCallum
John Plenge

Curatorial contributions by
Zoe Drayton (New Zealand) – curates artist from new Zealand
Tobias Van Veen (Canada) – curates artists from Canada
John Kannenberg (USA) – curates artists from different countries
Eva Sjuve (Norway) – curates artists from different countries
Juan Antonio Lleó (Spain) – curates artists from Spain